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At Centric Precision, our capabilities include machining, milling and turning of exotic metals, high temperature alloys, and super alloys.


CNC Machine List


Kwik Mark Dot Peen Marking Machine

6 x 4 marking area

Angular and arc text line styles included

Matsuura - 11 Pallet Horizontal Mill

17.7(x) 14.7-15.8(y) 17.7(z) 15HP

Mori-Seiki - Lathe

6.25(x) 19.5(z) Max Dia. Length 10” Max Length 19” 10HP

Mori-Seiki - Lathe

9.4(x) 30.7(z) Nax Dia. Length 19.5 Dia. x 5.0 Max Length 27.0 @16.5 Dia.

Mori-Seiki - 4 Axis Vertical Mill

31.5(x) 16.15(y) 20.1(z) Full Rotary 30HP

Mori-Seiki - Lathe

12.2(x) 42.1(z)  Max Diameter Length 12.2  Max Length 43.3  25 HP


Okuma - Lathe w/Sub Spindle

6.25(x) 15.875(z) Max Dia. Length 9” Max Length 15.875 18HP

Roku - 3 Axis Vertical Mill

30.15(x) 16.19(y) 16.19(z) 7.5HP

Heavy-duty machinery
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